Shenzhen Zhencai Packaging Products Co., Ltd.

Publish Time: 2023-05-20
Shenzhen Zhencai Packaging Products Co., Ltd. was established in April 2014 and is located in Shenzhen, the birthplace of China's reform and opening up. We currently have over 120 employees, specializing in the production of various colored packaging boxes, hardcover gift boxes, stickers, and other products. The company has the most advanced new German Heidelberg four color split printing machine and Heidelberg split 5+1 line water oil polishing printing machine in the world today. The post-press equipment includes Taiwan Yisheng fully automatic film covering, fully automatic paper mounting, Taiwan Caishun fully automatic die-cutting, fully automatic box pasting machine, etc. The equipment is complete, achieving "pre press digitization, printing refinement, and post press automation", with an annual output value of 60 million yuan, It is a bright new star in the Shenzhen color printing and packaging industry.
Shenzhen Zhencai Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has a group of senior management elites in the printing industry leading the management of the entire factory. The management structure and responsibilities are clear, the process is standardized, and the channels are smooth. The ISO9000 quality management system is complete and effective, and it obtained a certification certificate in April 2015. Our company has established a relatively strict and standardized quality control system. The incoming inspection, first article inspection, process patrol inspection, finished product delivery inspection, exceptional release, customer complaints, product standards, inspection specifications, etc. are set up perfectly. The records are clear and complete to achieve quality traceability, which fully meets the customer's quality requirements.


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